Headlight Restoration

Proudly Restoring Headlights In The Springfield MO and Surrounding Areas.

Are Your Headlights Looking Hazy Or Yellow? Don't Let Your Headlights Risk Your Own Safety And Others. No Need To Spend A Lot Of Money To Replace Them. We Can Restore Them To Like New Condition While Bringing Back Clarity And Safety. We Supply All The Equipment And Skills Necessary To Get The Job Done Right The First Time Around.

Did you know that the yellowing/haze is on the outside of the headlight? this is caused by the factory uV protection failing. this UV protection is applied to the outside of the headlight exposed to the elements that degrade it over time. When that coating is gone the headlights will start to yellow/haze. There are two options to improve not only the look of your vehicle but also safety while driving at night. The first option is to replace them, which can be a very costly option, not only to purchase but to have installed. The second option is to have them professionally restored to like new condition, which is a much cheaper way to go. This involves sanding down the headlight with multiple grits of sandpaper, buffing out the lens, and then ensuring that they will not yellow again by applying a UV sealant layer to prevent future sun damage.


Fact 1.

Most people do not know that cloudy headlights reduce light output by as much as 95%. That is a huge difference in whether you can effectively see or be seen when driving at night! this not only directly impacts your safety but also your passengers and others on the road. the ability to see street signs also suffer from low light output. do not risk your life or you vehicle to hazed lights.

Fact 2.

not only is getting your headlights restored is a much cheaper option than getting them replaced with OEM parts from the dealer, which could be over $200 per headlight assembly, but it also dramatically improves your safety while driving at night. better light output means better visibility for you and others on the road. with a beam of light that illuminates the road further out, it makes it easier to see street signs and also for you to be seen by others. protect yourself and others by getting your headlights professionally restored.



  • you pay just 49.99 for each headlight here at Kaliber detailing!